And so just like that on Friday 13th December 2019 at 2:30pm,  the town centre exhibition came to a close after nearly 7 wonderful weeks at the shop.

Over 1500 people visited the exhibition which was simply mind blowing to be honest. We never imagined in our wildest dreams that so many people would come. But it was so much more more than just numbers. It was the level of interest ahown by all the folks that really hit all the workers in the shop. So many people just popped in the first time and stayed perhaps 20mins or so but then returned for a better look a few days later – The record for time spent in the exhibition in a single visit was nearly 6 hours!. Many stayed 2 hours or more talking and sharing their memories.

And the stories they told us were interesting and told with such passion. They were almost reliving them as the retold them to us. Every part of Cwmbran was represented. Sories from before the New Town was even thought about. Stories about growing up on a building site in 1050’s and 60’s. Stories about the town centre, about the boating lake and about the day the tower block vasnished in a column of steam.

We loved to hear them all and we intend to include as many as we can on this web site.

To everyone who helped and every one who came along, we want to an enormous thank you. Everything has exceeded our expectations and made it all worth while.

Thank you.