Celebrating Seventy

A website dedicated sharing the development and progress of Cwmbran New Town through the words and experiences of the people who live there.


See the timeline of important events in Cwmbran’s history


Read the stories from people about their experiences in Cwmbran


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History of Cwmbran

Look at the history of Cwmbran both before and after the arrival of the New Town


Research on various topics in and around Cwmbran

Focus on…

Transport: Canals,  Railways, and Roads

The role played by the canals and trains in shaping the history of Cwmbran

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Industry in Cwmbran through the decades

A quick look at some of the companies that settled in Cwmbran from the 1800’s

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The Master Plan and First Developments

Read how the blueprint for Cwmbran was put together in 1950 and how building go started 

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Town Centre Exhibition

Read about the exhibition Celebrating 70




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